Upcoming Talks:

October 2022: “Soziale Medien und Geschlechtertransition(en) – Wie Körperlichkeit beeinflusst wird”, BVT*-Fachtage: WissensTrans*fer – Forschung von und für Trans*communities

December 2022: “Emotional Marginalization”, Invited Talk for the Philosophy, Disability, and Social Change conference

Selected Talks:

June 2022: Invited Talk “Making sense of discrimination in everyday encounters: the role of scripts in social interaction”, Conference Social Justice and E-Cognition, University of Wollongong (AUS)

April 2022: “Influencing Corporealities: Social Media and its Impact on Transitioning Processes”, APA Pacific, Vancouver (CAN)

December 2021: Invited Talk “Pathologizing disabled and trans identities: how emotions become marginalized” for the conference Philosophy, Disability, and Social Change 2, Online

December 2021: Invited Talk “Marginalisierte Geschlechter in den Medien: Repräsentation um jeden Preis?” für die Ringvorlesung Kultur – divers und diskursiv: Diversitätsorientierte Kultur- und Medienarbeit, University of Education Ludwigsburg

March 2021: Invited Talk “Emotional Expressions as Social Practices: How Social Scripts shape our Emotion Performance” for the workshop The Role of Emotions in Epistemic Practices and Communities at Freie Universität Berlin (D)

December 2020: Invited Talk “Social Construction 3.0: A Performative Theory of Emotion“, with Jesse Prinz, Online, Host: Network for Critical Emotion Theory.

February 2020: Invited Talk “Social Interaction in the Digital Space: Reproducing Discriminatory Social Behaviors Online” for the conference Diversity in Cognition at TU Dortmund (D)

August 2019: Invited Talk “Dehumanizing Interaction Structures” at the Summer School Epistemological Understanding, University of Education Ludwigsburg (D)

July 2019; Talk “Scripted Emotion Concepts”, at the Meeting of the International Society for the Research of Emotion (ISRE), Amsterdam (NL)

March 2019: Invited Talk: Einstein Visiting Fellow’s Lecture: Jesse Prinz & Gen Eickers: “Beyond Innateness and Construction: A Performative Theory of Emotion”, Berlin School of Mind and Brain (D)

April 2018: Talk “Is Emotion Recognition Scripted? Emotional Expressions as Social Signals”, at the 5thannual workshop of ECOM (Expression, Communication, and the Origins of Meaning research group), University of Connecticut (US)