Upcoming Talks:

December 2022: Invited Talk for the Philosophy, Disability, and Social Change conference

Selected Talks:

June 2022: Invited Talk “Making sense of discrimination in everyday encounters: the role of scripts in social interaction”, Conference Social Justice and E-Cognition, University of Wollongong (AUS)

April 2022: “Influencing Corporealities: Social Media and its Impact on Transitioning Processes”, APA Pacific, Vancouver (CAN)

December 2021: Invited Talk “Pathologizing disabled and trans identities: how emotions become marginalized” for the conference Philosophy, Disability, and Social Change 2, Online

December 2021: Invited Talk “Marginalisierte Geschlechter in den Medien: Repräsentation um jeden Preis?” für die Ringvorlesung Kultur – divers und diskursiv: Diversitätsorientierte Kultur- und Medienarbeit, University of Education Ludwigsburg

March 2021: Invited Talk “Emotional Expressions as Social Practices: How Social Scripts shape our Emotion Performance” for the workshop The Role of Emotions in Epistemic Practices and Communities at Freie Universität Berlin (D)

December 2020: Invited Talk “Social Construction 3.0: A Performative Theory of Emotion“, with Jesse Prinz, Online, Host: Network for Critical Emotion Theory.

February 2020: Invited Talk “Social Interaction in the Digital Space: Reproducing Discriminatory Social Behaviors Online” for the conference Diversity in Cognition at TU Dortmund (D)

August 2019: Invited Talk “Dehumanizing Interaction Structures” at the Summer School Epistemological Understanding, University of Education Ludwigsburg (D)

July 2019; Talk “Scripted Emotion Concepts”, at the Meeting of the International Society for the Research of Emotion (ISRE), Amsterdam (NL)

March 2019: Invited Talk: Einstein Visiting Fellow’s Lecture: Jesse Prinz & Gen Eickers: “Beyond Innateness and Construction: A Performative Theory of Emotion”, Berlin School of Mind and Brain (D)

April 2018: Talk “Is Emotion Recognition Scripted? Emotional Expressions as Social Signals”, at the 5thannual workshop of ECOM (Expression, Communication, and the Origins of Meaning research group), University of Connecticut (US)

January 2017: Talk “Feeling Embarrassed”, Workshop on the Concept and Phenomenology of Social Anxiety, Berlin School of Mind and Brain (D)